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Being Real

What to hide...what to share...what is safe...what is real...what have I created for self-preservation?

This image touches on some core tenets of my life.

As I recreate my world and design life according to what feels right and authentic, how am I fully me?

A wonderful thing about growth and living a wholehearted life is looking at my amazing (but not necessarily healthy or helpful) coping mechanisms and honoring them for getting me through trauma, then moving into healthier habits and ways of being. Especially when I have a supportive & safe community structure. I know that we don't all have that.

What I aspire to: Allow love to shine through. Listen. Amplify others. Be brave enough to say loving, honest things. Embrace vulnerability. Show up in all of my glory. Create and sustain the connections I want to have in my work & personal life. Lovingly and firmly set boundaries that support healing and healthy relationships.

What about you? Where do you want to show up more? Are you loving you for you? How do you honor your own authenticity and badass self? 💖

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