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About Us

Our origin story is simple.  We are a group of birth professionals & advocates who have been volunteering at births since 2013.  As compassionate doulas, we couldn't tolerate walking past hospital rooms seeing women scared and giving birth alone. With the rise in maternal mortality, our mission feels much more urgent.  We never want a woman to birth in fear, or experience birth trauma or death if we can help it. 

Creating the Support Birth Fund is our way to scale and build consistent support for women who might otherwise birth alone, feel marginalized, or need pre & postpartum support.  Funding allows us to retain doulas, childbirth educators, postpartum wellness professionals, bodyworkers, lactation counselors, and community liaisons.  Our goal is to be a space where pregnant moms and families can find resources to help them thrive in pregnancy, birth, and early parenting. 

Our Leadership Team

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