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Kailey Murdock - Phoenix

Student Doula

My name is Kailey Murdock- a mom of three, chef by day, and doula extraordinaire. My journey into the birth world started with a "birth plans are overrated" mindset during my first pregnancy. Surprise, surprise—I ended up with an unplanned cesarean because my little one surprised us during pushing by being breech.


Round two, I thought I had it figured out, but a not-so-friendly nurse threw me for a loop, making it clear birthing dreams don't always go as planned. I needed help and I needed to learn how to advocate for myself. Determined to rewrite my story, I delved into the birth world before my third pregnancy. An online class by a doula opened my eyes to the magic of doula support, even if I couldn't afford one in person.


Armed with newfound knowledge, I rocked my third birth, achieving the healing experience I craved. Now, I'm not just a birth enthusiast—I'm a doula on a mission. Inspired by my sister-in-law's observation that I never stop talking about birth empowerment, I jumped into doula life. I kicked off my LLC, dove into training, and even started creating free resources and online courses. Why? Because every woman deserves to feel informed, empowered, and in control of her birth journey, right from the start.


Kailey Murdock - Phoenix
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