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Caraline Andros - Phoenix

Student Doula

Hi, I'm Caraline! Taking care of women & children has always been my biggest passion. I was called to doula work after spending years as a professional infant/toddler care provider & getting a degree in Child Development. I believe in every woman's right to an informed/empowered birth and believe that birth is so important because it's the moment a new family is created. I'm happy to support all kinds of families to create their ideal birth experience. 

I am a Birth & Postpartum DONA Doula Student & am certified in using a TENS unit during labor. My favorite parts of being a doula are reducing birth-based fear and seeing the strength/confidence parents have when they feel supported. I strive to provide easily digestible info and nonjudgmental support, always. Whether you want a hospital birth or home birth, epidural or essential oils, I'm ready to be there for you and your baby! 

Caraline Andros - Phoenix
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