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Riannon Bradshaw - Phoenix

Student Doula

I decided to become a birth doula after after experiencing the joy of being present and supporting my best friend during her birth in 2007, and due to my own negative birth experiences.

In 2004, I gave birth to my first child after several unfortunate twists and turns that led to an emergency cesarean. Even though my daughter was in a difficult presentation, the hospital staff instructed me to labor and push flat on my back. Prior to going to the hospital, I felt a strong urge to be on all fours, as this was also the only position that gave me any relief from the excruciating back pain I was experiencing. I later found out that due to way my daughter was facing, this would have been a much better position for me to try to deliver her in. I was so saddened - my body knew how to get my baby out, but I was not supported in trying to voice my feelings or given any options. As my labor continued and it started turning into an emergency situation, both my husband and my mother began to panic which made me panic. I look back to that day and wish I had had someone knowledgeable there with me to help me know my options and keep me calm and focused.

Due to my initial cesarean & hospital policies, I was not given the option of a VBAC for my next two children, so I never got to experience a natural childbirth.

I feel so strongly that every birthing person deserves to feel supported, informed, and advocated for during their childbirth experience, and my hope is to help others avoid the disappointment and regret that comes with a negative childbirth experience. 

Riannon Bradshaw - Phoenix
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