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Lorie Michaels - Tucson

Founder, Doula Mentor & Expert Birth Doula

I am a bodyworker, a doula & childbirth educator, an EFT Tapping coach, and an avid learner. The experiences I’ve had – both challenging and joyous – have paved the road toward my own healing and ability to be compassionate & intuitive with others.

The women I have had the honor of supporting and witnessing in childbirth are amazing and have my utmost respect, admiration, and humble appreciation. My job is to support families in their decisions, share evidence-based resources, provide comfort techniques, and be an advocate for birthing families.

When not doula-ing, I am supporting other doulas, working to create better birth for families, advocating for women and LGBTQ+ families, and studying birth and the body.  I love listening to audiobooks, reading, walking, yoga, cooking, DIY home projects, sailing, singing with my wife, and doing nice things for people.


Congratulations, and I wish you a beautiful pregnancy and birth.



My certifications & training:

Lorie Michaels - Tucson
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