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Kelli Brown - Phoenix

Student Doula

Hello there!

I am a lifelong learner dedicated to the practice of sharing knowledge. My formal educational background is in public health, with an emphasis in maternal health from an anthropological and evolutionary lens. I am currently fascinated by and pursuing further education regarding microbiomes and the vital role they play in every stage of your pregnancy and postpartum journey. I carry this pursuit of knowledge with me into my new role as a doula and am excited by the opportunity to support you as you learn the intricacies of your body and mind's roles in pregnancy and labor. Providing you with the tools to feel empowered and knowledgeable in your decision making during this experience is my primary goal in our interactions. Think of me as your personal pregnancy librarian!

As the oldest sister of seven siblings, my life has been lived in a comforting familiarity with pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding. The privilege to remember my own mother's journeys with each of my siblings has created a profound sense of admiration for the strength which pregnant people access and exhibit to bring new life into the world. My education as a doula has allowed me to deepen this familiarity into intricate knowledge of pain management techniques, comforting mental support, details of interventions which may (or may not) occur in labor and delivery, and supportive advocacy for your and your family.

Beyond my role as a Doula, I enjoy being outdoors (hiking, camping, etc.), yoga, cooking, reading, traveling, writing, and engaging with my LGBTQ+ community here in Phoenix. I guide my life by the philosophy that time spent in good company with good food is never wasted.

Congratulations on your pregnancy and future birth. I wish you the best as you relish in the complex emotions you will experience throughout your pregnancy, from abounding joy to accompanying anxieties and everything in between.

Kelli Brown - Phoenix
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