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Hayley Grow - Tucson

Homebirth Doula

This work for me started with my own first pregnancy. Immediately I noticed there needed to be a change in the birthing system in America, and I believed I could be a part of that change. Seven years down, my lifetime to go. 


I am a Mother, Student Midwife, Traditional Birth Attendant, Homebirth Doula, Placenta Artist, Midwifery Assistant, Childbirth Educator, Mayan Abdominal Masseuse, Herbal Enthusiast, Plant Medicine Advocate and Birth Trauma Processor.


Homebirth is definitely where my heart is and where I believe all low-risk births can safely happen. It is where the mother's instincts get to take over and thrive. 


It is my passion to put all of my learned skills and knowledge to support pregnant people throughout their journey. From trying to conceive to postpartum. 


Located in the desert of Tucson Arizona and serving surrounding areas.


Trainings and Certifications:

Neonatal Resuscitation Certified

Best Doula Childbirth Education Certified

Traditional Mayan Abdominal Massage trained and certified by a Mayan Midwife (Rafaela Can Ake)

Currently in an apprenticeship with a midwife

Placenta Training by a midwife

Blood Born Pathogen Safety Certified

CPR Certified

Doula Training by the president of Midwives College of Utah.

Hayley Grow - Tucson
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