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Chrissi Engstrom - Tucson

Experienced Doula

My commitment is to provide evidence based information, be a resource for options and provide nonjudgmental support in pregnancy, labor and postpartum. My goal is to support my clients so they can make informed decisions for themselves and their babies.

I help clients and families prepare mentally, emotionally and physically for pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum and provide resources as needed for services beyond my scope.  One of the ways I help is hosting a monthly meetup for young parents - see details on our Groups page.

Women and families need all the support they can get. I want to instill every woman with confidence in their ability to birth their baby and make decisions for themselves through asking the right questions and advocating. Whether it all goes to “plan” or there’s changes along the way, I’ll be there to support them.

Doula Training 

DONA - July 2023

Chrissi Engstrom - Tucson
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